Thursday, June 18, 2009

Goodmorning, I got to see Christie yesterday. She looks so good from when I saw her that first night. The swelling in her face has gone down, she can open her eyes and the tube is again out of her throat. When I arrived they had just down a bandage change which is VERY painful. Those who were in the room with her said it was the most painful thing they have every seen someone go through. Aaron said the grafting on her hands look really well done. What part of her face I could see looked really good and looked like it was healing nicely. She is so strong!!! She can't move her neck because of the grafting so her mobility in bed is limited.

She is in amazing spirits and says she is trying to follow everything the doctors and nurses tell her to do so that she heals quickly and well. She is still in a lot of pain and frequently has to ask them to up her meds but she was laughing and making jokes when I was in there.

I will let you know when she is up for visitors but she rests a lot right now and because of her limitied mobility doesn't want too many visitors. She wants to be able to be a better hostess she says:)


  1. Go Christie go! I am so glad you have so much support and ones who will help you face this. Sounds like your sense of humour is getting you through the tough spots, long may it continue.
    Many blessings and much love

  2. This is terrific news, Everyone here in Penticton is rooting for you and we think of you often. We are so happy to have these updates, thank you Shelley, and take care Christie, wishing you a speedy recovery ;)

  3. Hey Christie,

    Very good idea you have there girl....listen to the doctors so you can get better soon, sooner, and soonest!!

    I get asked every day about your progress by the Soul Sister gals and it's great to be able to relay how well you are doin' and how hard you are fighting!

    We are all looking forward to seeing you when you are ready for us. For now the girls are keeping busy with getting ready for Friday.

    We are actually doing a show with the Cheescakes!

    Remember when we went to see them at the Queens??? All of us walked down from your corsets, leather and hookups no less...and ran right into Santa's Parade!! LOL
    A good start to a night that just got better and better!! (Still have those tassels???)

    Who would have ever thought we'd actually one day be performing with them!

    Though technically I'm not performing, as I have to go to my daughters University Grad in Seattle this weekend. Talk about a tough decision to make!

    But she's on her way to Boston to join the Ivy Leagues for post grad studies (with $47,000.00 in scholarships no less) so I guess I have to go! The sacrifices a mother has to make for her children!

    Just kidding...I wouldn't miss it for the world as she's worked her ass off for this!

    Sooo...while I'm gone you are to do nothing that I wouldn't do...ummm.....ok....I should probably rephrase that.....

    To be scaring of the dancing on the IV poles... and please stop deep throating that breathing really, really makes me worry about you when you do that!!

    Love and Hugs

  4. What a trooper you are girl! Westbankers are still in your court yelling and cheering and looking like asses, (oh ya, we do that any way)! It is such good news to hear how well you are healing!!!!!!! Tell all those beautiful cells in your body to focus, they are on a mission. Big tender hug, Love Jan 2728

  5. Christie: My dear strong girlfriend. You have the power within you to take tender loving care of yourself and you have the power of the love of your friends and family. You also have the strength of character to decide that you want to be fragile, delicate, and waited on hand and foot. I would like to be able to decree that you are attended to by great looking and oh so freakishly sexy murses.