Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So just a little more news....they had to put the tube back in during surgery so she can't talk so well again, but surgery went well. Those that have seen her say that what they saw of her left hand looked better. Her right hand and right side of the back of her neck were burnt pretty bad as they "think" her hair might have caught on fire so she tried to put it out with her right hand and pushed it into her neck. We are not 100% sure but thats what it seems like. She is pretty drugged up but in good spirits.


  1. The news to date is so encouraging...Christie - we're rooting for you at the office! Thinking about you and praying for you!

  2. I'm really sorry to hear they had to put that nasty thing back down your throat again hun.

    I can certainly think of "something" much better for that particular activity than a plastic tube!! ;-)

    But the good news is you've got the first surgery behind you and that's great...cause it means you are that much closer to getting this all put behind you!

    BTW...it's official...the entire Troupe is going to pay you a visit as soon as you are ready for us.....and....if I can rattle enough chains in administration to get permission, we've decided to put on a small show for you and anyone else in the ward that wants to take a walk on the "wild side" with us!!

    That way we can formaly introduce you to Naughty and Spice and totally ruin your reputation at the hospital...all in one go!!



  3. We're thinking of you in Campbell River, too. It was so shocking & scary to first hear, and so great that you're doing so well..we're following the updates and rooting for you daily. Thanks for the blog!
    Sheilagh, Susan and Paul in CR

  4. Hi Christie; we're thinking of you,
    The Kamloops Team

  5. Westbank is praying, sending those lovely angels for support as needed. Thanks you for the updates. Christie your are missed, thought of more times in a day then countable, not mentioning trees or dance poles ;) and we are so grateful to know of her progress. Who knows what life has instore for us or where we will find ourselves, stay focused on receiving all the healing thoughts from us all!!!

  6. Hey Girl,
    I'm thinking of you!