Sunday, June 21, 2009

I spent the day with Christie today giving her a pedicure and shaving her fun!!! She keeps on marvelling everyone as she heals and improves everyday. She got to see her grafted hand and was very pleased with how it looked. She is a bit uncomfortable because now all the burns are starting to itch but as her sister keeps reminding her this is a good sign. This means that the skin is healing. If you notice in one of the pictures Winn is spraying her with a water bottle. There is a special goldish bandage that they have on her burns and if it is kept damp it helps to draw out the bad "stuff" helping there to be minimal scaring.

Tomorrow will be a painful day for Christie so send all your good thoughts and positive energy her way. She will have all the bandages taken off. She is especially anxious to see the grafting on her neck as she's been so careful not to move her head to much and to keep it straight to help the grafting take. If all the grafting takes and looks good she will not have to have anymore fingers crossed. Her face looks like its healing well she may have to have some work on her nose but I think we'll know more tomorrow. She is hoping that if she keeps improving as she is that soon she can be moved to Kamloops hospital that way Aaron can start working as he is spending everyday at her bedside.

She's been reading the blog and is overwhelmed at all of you who care so much for her. Even though she's doing so well right now she'll need our support and positive energy for a long time while she goes through this long healing process. Thanks everyone for your support and for caring!!!


  1. Hi Christie, I hope everything goes well tomorrow, with as little pain as possible. It's great to hear how positive and upbeat you are - you're a very strong woman. I just looked at the pictures posted here - you have a fantastic smile! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, along with many other people, I'm sure, so stay strong!!

  2. Hey Babe,

    Just got back from Seattle and it's wonderful to hear how far you've progressed over the weekend. The pics are great!!! So nice to be able to see your progress for myself.

    BTW...Dave sends his love and his "get wells". I had forgotten the last time we went to Seattle we had you with us, until he reminded me about it! Since he works with propane and gas your accident really hit him hard and he's following your progress as closely as I am.

    We got to see the kiddo grad while in Seattle.
    She was one of 7 students that recieved special recognition (out of about 2000) for her accomplishments. Should have heard the gasp that went up, when after they went through all her academic achievements, they announced that she had been homeschooled all her life.

    I bawled like a baby...I'm such an idiot...but I guess that's what mama's do when their babies grow up to do amazing things.

    The girls are all jazzed cause the Friday night performance went so well. I shall have to figure out how to send a link so Rod can access the pictures and show them to you!

    I hear you've got a tough day coming up tomorrow...know that I'll be thinking about you. No matter how hard it might be, try to stay focused on the fact that it's just another step towards getting this behind you.

    Take it one day, one hour, one minute, even down to one moment at a time if you have to. Just keep making it until it's done.

    Love you

  3. hey christie hope all goes well tomorrow, you are always in our thoughts and prayers. keep strong. Dot

  4. Christie - I hope all goes well today - know that I'm thinking of you 24/7 and if there's a way to send positive energy and healing, know that I'm doing everything I can to send it to you. You are such a strong, beautiful, courageous person who has come through so much in life, I know you will come through this in your usual way. Look at all we've been through in our lives - we've come through some of the most painful emotional crap ever and we've survived! No, we've THRIVED. YOU are Christie Kiers and you will always be beautiful, strong, independant and an inspiration to us all. I'm here for you in any possible way I can be and I'll be thinking of you each day, every day all day long and hoping that each step you have to go through is endurable and easier than you expected. I love you girl.

    - Mandy

  5. Will be thinking of you tomorrow more than usual, if that is possible! It is really going to be hard with the pain, but think of the healing that is going on underneath all that. Much love and many blessings. Hang in there, it is such a blessing to see so many rooting for you.

  6. Hey there, I am thinking of you especially hard today, thank you so much for sharing some of your photo's with us, I have to say the pics with your nephew are great, I love all the poses, I think they are better than the ones I have of you in the tree ;).
    It is also nice to see a picture of you and your man, it is nice to be able to put a face to the name :)
    I am so glad to hear these updates on your rapid recovery, keep up the great work girl :)

  7. Hey Christie

    Its Tamara - You are in my thought and prayers!!!

    Im glad to have a way to contact you as Malakai dropped my phone in a cup of tea awhile back and I lost all my numbers.

    Give me a call when you are feeling up to it cell - 604-505-8145 or home 604-930-4811.

    If you are still in vancouver I would love to come for a visit if and when you are up to it.
    I work downtown now so I am a hop skip and a jump away, and would love to come and catch up.

    I will follow the blog for your updates but I know you will do great as you have always been a fighter and one of the strongest women I know.

    My prayers are with you.


  8. Hey Christie:
    Miss you at work a lot - was looking for some very obscure, but much needed information - you're a work-horse. That'll bode well in you're recovery.
    My aunt from the Netherlands is visiting us right now, so my Dutch has improved - let me try yours out: Goet geddan schut - harstelika moie dat ya zin fail bater!

    Okay, in re-reading that it does look slightly pornographic in nature (but it's not). Read it phonetically; my spelling sucks!

  9. Hey Hey CK! Wow, my email box is such a different place without you. I miss our daily ramblings. It sounds like your recovery process is going well. I know your feisty spirit will serve you well through this process. Let me know when they transfer you to "The Loops". We'll come and visit, and I'll sneak you some goodies. I'll try not to make you laugh too much, but I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing how Jon and Scott are doing with your Stay strong. We all miss you, and you've got tons of support. I'm looking forward to when your texting fingers are fully functional. John

  10. Hey there you, I hope you are doing well I especially liked hearing that you had your legs shaved and a little bit of pampering lol, you totally deserve it. Can't wait to hear from you again I hope everything is progressing as it should for you and I can't wait to hear that the graft took. We have been thinking about you and we miss you :)