Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hey all,

Here's some pictures of Christie she said we could post. You can see from the pictures she's in excellent spirits. The guy in the sun glasses is her nephew Rod, the blondie brown haired one is her brother Ken, the darker haired one is Aaron her bf, then her dad and her sister Winn. Her dad and sister Winn just got down yesterday. I'm heading in today to give her a pedicure and manicure. I'll see if there's any medical updates on her and I'll post later tonight. Take care.

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  1. It will be so good to get those bandages off and see that big smile of yours. I have only seen some recent pics of you (pre accident) on the Putman girls FB, so it will be good to see that bright smile reinstated. May you have the strength to walk in whatever is a head of you. Looks like your BF is one in a million; so happy for you. So, keep smiling, even if it is through gritted teeth for a bit! Love you.